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Academy Information Page

2018 Fall Academy Schedules Available Now



1.  The Fall 2018 OSA Academy League registration will be open thru Aug. 24, 2018.

2.    Each team must create a Got Soccer Academy Team account to participate in the OSA Academy League. No rec team Got Soccer accounts can be used for the league.

3.    Each team will pay half the referee fee in cash (one line fee and half the center fee), per the following fees before the start of the game:


·         U7 and U8: Center: $20 (4v4 per USSF guidelines)

·         U9 and U10: Center: $26, Line: $18 (7v7 per USSF guidelines)


4.    These fees must be paid by each team before the start of the game. If these fees are not paid, the game will not be played and will not be rescheduled.  Your team bond will be pulled to pay the referee fees and you must pay a double bond of $150 before another game can be played in the league.

5.    The full amount of the referee fees are to be paid for each game, regardless of the number of referees which are assigned to the game.

6.    Each team must have a game card printed from Got Soccer for each game with your roster updated for the weekend games. All player info must be up to date on all game sheets for games to be played.  This can be printed from your Got Soccer account using the PDF symbol on the far right of each scheduled game. The roster on the Got Soccer game card must match your signed team roster.
Each team must have an updated roster for each game signed by your local registrar.

7.    Each player listed on your roster must have an Academy registration form attached and available for review by the league or the referee for each game.

8.    Each player can only play on one team per weekend (Sat/Sun/Mon).

9.    Girls can play on a boys' team.

10. No boys can play on a girls' team.

11. OSA will provide the following

o    Nets

o    Corner Flags

o    Schedule

o    Security

12. The teams that play the first game of the day will put up the nets and the teams that play the last game of the day will take down the nets. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

13. The Fall 2018 OSA Academy League is scheduled to play from September 8 thru November 11 with no games that will conflict with the Midland Turkey Shootout in November. Each team should be prepared to play on each Sunday of that time interval.


14. Use the following link to register your Academy team for the Fall 2018 OSA Academy League: