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OSA Members,

I sincerely hope that each of you are well!!

As many of you well know, there are several issues regarding the UTPB Lease Agreement (attached to this email) which involve the Odessa Soccer Association (OSA).  The following will discuss the latest info as well as include the critical documents that have been extensively discussed in all forms of local media over the past week or so.  I would like to provide each of you this info so you will be aware of the facts, in writing, as they have been discussed by OSA at all times.


The latest issue is a CEASE order submitted to the City of Odessa by the UT Office of General Council which is attached to this email (Letter to Natasha Brooks 7-22-21).  The CEASE order was issued by the UT Office of General Council in response to OSA members beginning to remove the soccer goals at UTPB on the night of Wednesday, July 21.  Once this CEASE order was received by the association on Friday, July 23, no additional work to remove the soccer goals at UTPB was performed.  Once the CEASE order was received by the City of Odessa, a decision was made by the City that the City Council will make the final decision to allow or not to allow the associations to remove the equipment that each association has installed at the UTPB facility. The City Council will decide this issue at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, July 27, at 6 pm at City Hall on 8th street.  For OSA, all soccer goals that are located at the UTPB soccer fields were purchased, fabricated and installed at the cost of OSA completely and totally.  Also, the OSA storage buildings and fencing (north end) located on the soccer complex were purchased and installed at the expense of OSA completely and totally.  Therefore, OSA needs to have a substantial presence at the July 27 City Council meeting to be very clear to the City Council that those soccer goals and storage buildings belong to OSA so OSA should be allowed to remove all soccer goals and storage buildings plus the fencing (north end) for the use of the soccer association for the youth of Odessa.  We need the Odessa Soccer family to make it clear to the Odessa City Council that the soccer goals and storage building plus the fencing (north end) at UTPB belong to OSA so please join us on Tuesday, July 27, so the voice of the soccer community can be heard regarding this critical issue. The cost to replace the soccer goals, storage buildings and the fencing would be about $100,000 expense to the soccer association. Also, please reach out to your City Council representative on the critical issue as well as the Board of Regents for the UT system.  The contact info for each is at the end of this email.


Another item attached to this email is the response from the City Attorney, Natasha Brooks, regarding the CEASE order from the UT Office of General Council which states very clearly that “UTPB cannot impose any of these additional requirements upon the City.”  Based on this info, it should be very clear to the City Council the correct action to take regarding the issue of association property at UTPB.


Also, attached to this email is the Lease Agreement between the City of Odessa and UTPB which has been a topic of great discussion. Specifically, please take note of section 3.02 which states “…Lessee shall pay to Lessor ten percent (10%) of all gross proceeds from all commercial activities…”  which does not apply to OSA as we are a 501.c.3 non-profit organization.  OSA has never charged any team any fee or rental fee for the use of any soccer field.  OSA did require that each player using the soccer fields be registered thru OSA for insurance purposes only which is a requirement of the City of Odessa per the Lease Agreement.


Additionally, the Termination Letter from UTPB to the City of Odessa which legally terminates the 25 year Lease Agreement between the City of Odessa and UTPB.


The last item that is attached to this email is the DRAFT MOU (memorandum of understanding) from UTPB that was sent by Tood Dooley, UTPB Athletic Director, to OSA regarding the proposed requirements of a newly proposed Lease Agreement with UTPB which has previously been stated many times has requirements and stipulations that OSA could not and cannot accept for OSA to continue to operate effectively or within the guidelines of NTSSA.


Odessa Soccer needs each of you to contact your City Council representative and the UT Board of Regents about the unjust situation relating to the property of OSA.  OSA purchased, fabricated and installed all of the soccer goals and the storage buildings at UTPB so OSA should be allowed to remove the soccer goals and storage buildings to be used for the ongoing OSA soccer programs in Odessa.


Please contact your City Council Member, the Mayor, and the City Manager via phone, text, email and via Social Media per the link below as well as the UT Board of Regents:




And, YES, I have contacted each of them and voiced my concerns, but they want to hear from YOU, their constituents.




Tom Martinez

OSA President


UT Board of Regents 

(512) 499-4402

Mayor – Javier Joven,


City Manager – Michael Marrero,


District 1 Member – Mark Matta,


District 2 Member – Steven P. Thompson,


District 3 Member – Detra White,


District 4 Member – Tom Sprawls,


District 5 Member – Mari Willis,


At-Large Member -


District Maps


UT Board of Regents 

(512) 499-4402


Fall 2021 Registration Link:



GOTSPORT will be used this season for all registrations.  A NEW ACCOUNT MUST BE CREATED FOR ALL REGISTRATIONS.


Odessa Soccer is a volunteer driven organization.  All head coaches, assistant coaches and team parents are volunteers.  We encourage you to volunteer and be involved in the league with your child.

Games are currently scheduled to begin September 11th.   It will be an 8 game season that may play through the beginning of November.   Most games are scheduled for Saturdays from 9am to 5pm but can be during the week as well.  Teams may have some games during the week starting at 6:00pm.  **Weather related rescheduling of games may cause games to be scheduled on a Sunday.



  • All teams will be formed by birth year.
  • Teams are not co-ed. 
  • Placement based on current school location.  We try our best to place players on teams affiliated with schools near the player, but not all players can be placed close to home.  They can only be placed on teams where there are VOLUNTEER coaches in their age group. Want to guarantee practices close to home on a specific night?  Then volunteer as HEAD COACH!  
  • Registration Requests

·        All age group players may buddy request if they are new to the OSA league. This means they have NEVER played with OSA before.

Parents are always encouraged to include a note in their player's registration.  Registration requests are NOT guaranteed even if the coach has indicated there is an open spot on the team.

  • Practice day, time and location is determined by the Volunteer Coach.  So, this information will not be available until your player has actually been placed on a team. Coaches will contact the parents after the coaches meeting in August.  Practice can be once or twice a week as determined by the coach and age of the players. 




1.  Jewelry is NOT allowed. For the safety of all players, all items of jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings) are not allowed and must be removed.  Using tape to cover jewelry is not allowed. 

2. Ball - Every player should have their own ball.

  • U5 thru U8 groups - Size 3
  • U9 thru U12 groups - Size 4
  • U13 and over groups - Size 5

3.  Shinguards:   Mandatory and required for all practices and games.

4.  Shoes Gym shoes, tennis shoes, or soccer boots must be worn by all players. All footwear must be of soft toe and have no metal studs (screw-ins) or any other exposed metal. Baseball cleats are not allowed.

5.  Water Bottle:  Players should have a water bottle at all practices and games.  Insulated is best.

6.  Uniforms: 

  • U5 thru U18 - Uniforms are chosen by the Coach and will be an ADDED expense for the parents.



Office Contact

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