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Click West Texas Blowout Tab above to register

Click West Texas Blowout Tab above to register


Spring 2024 Schedule Link. Please check weekly for any field changes.


Our next registration will start June 1st here at for our Fall 2024 season!



·         All teams will be formed by birth year.

·         Teams are not co-ed. 

·         Placement based on current school location.  We try our best to place players on teams affiliated with schools near the player, but not all players can be placed close to home.  They can only be placed on teams where there are VOLUNTEER coaches in their age group. Want to guarantee practices close to home on a specific night?  Then volunteer as HEAD COACH!  OSA needs coaches for most age groups.  

·         NO Team Requests will be honored, unless this is players  first time ever playing with OSA

·         Practice day, time and location is determined by the Volunteer Coach.  This information will not be available until your player has actually been placed on a team. Coaches will contact the parents after the coaches meeting in August.  Practice can be once or twice a week as determined by the coach and age of the players. 

  •          Parents are always encouraged to include a note in their player's registration if there is an issue with current team.  Registration requests will NOT be honored even if the coach has indicated there is an open spot on the team.
  •          All age group players may buddy request one time, if they are new to OSA. This means they have NEVER played with OSA before.



1.  Jewelry is NOT allowed. For the safety of all players, all items of jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings) are not allowed and must be removed.  Using tape to cover jewelry is not allowed. 

2. Ball - Every player should have their own ball.

·         U5 thru U8 groups - Size 3

·         U9 thru U12 groups - Size 4

·         U13 and over groups - Size 5

3.  Shin guards:   Mandatory and required for all practices and games.

4.  Shoes:  Gym shoes, tennis shoes, or soccer cleats must be worn by all players. All footwear must be of soft toe and have no metal studs (screw-ins) or any other exposed metal.  Any cleats with a TOE cleat are not allowed such as baseball, softball or football cleats.

5.  Water Bottle:  Players should have a water bottle at all practices and games.

6.  Uniforms: For all REC teams, uniforms are chosen by the Coach and will be an ADDED expense for the parents.



Spring 2024 Season Dates:


March 23 to May 18, 2024


Easter Weekend – May 30 – 31, 2024 – NO GAMES!


Spring 2024 Registration Dates:


November 1 – November 30 – Early Registration


December 1 – January 21, 2024 – Regular Registration





Please use the following links for all Spring 2024 registrations for coaches and managers:

Coach Registration URL:


Manager Registration URL:


  • Registrar - Marcie Valdez
  • Hours
    • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    • 10AM - 3PM
  • Email -