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Fall 2019 Schedules

Coaches and Managers

  • Please review your schedules for any mistakes or conflicts.

  • Your team may play a double header during the course of the season, but no team will play 3 games in one day.

  • Your team will not play 3 games in one day. If you have 3 games scheduled in one day, it is a mistake.

  • Your team should not have any games that are back to back. If your team plays back to back games, it is a mistake.

  • There should be at least 1 time slot between each of your games.

  • Your team should not have a game scheduled on your team's NO PLAY DATE if it was submitted by the deadline.

  • The schedule is very, very crowded and space is very, very limited so reschedules are not possible.

  • We have done our best to eliminate all coaches conflicts, but, at times, it is not possible so I would strongly suggest that your team get an Assistant Coach to cover games just in case the Head Coach or Team Manager cannot be there.


Also, if your are a coach and you have not completed your Risk Management then your coaches conflicts did not come up in Got Soccer because your are not yet on your team roster so please get your Risk Management done and completed ASAP.


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