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Fall 2022 Schedule

Fall 2022 Schedule

Please take a very close look at your team schedule for potential mistakes, such as:

  • No team will play 3 games on a single day.

  • No team will have back-to-back games.  Double header games will be separated by at least one time slot.

  • If your NO PLAY DATE was submitted prior to the deadline, no game should be scheduled on your team NO PLAY DATE.

  • All coaches conflicts have been addressed, for coaches with multiple teams. That is, for the Head Coach of multiples teams.  We addressed as many of the special requests as possible, but it is not possible to address all of them.

  • The schedule is very, very crowded so reschedules will not be permitted.

  • There are a few games that are still unassigned because we must find a spot to put each of them which will be done over the next few days.

  • Please get into the habit of checking your team schedules before you head out to the fields on any given day because there will be schedule changes.


Fall 2022 Schedule


If you do find a scheduling mistake please email me directly at and it will be addressed.


Fall Registration Information

June 1 to June 15 - Early Registration

June 16 to Jul 18 - Regular Registration

No late registration will be taken and no special requests will be taken.


For the first time, OSA will have a league for 3 year old kids in the U4 age group for boys and girls. This league will make only if we have enough teams to form a league which is at least 4 teams. The U4 teams will NOT play up in the U5 age group. The U4 leagues will NOT be COED. All players must be 3 years of age no later then Sep. 1, 2022.


Player Registration

For families with multiple players, please put in the email for those registering more than one sibling for a $5 discount which will be seen on the second sibling and so on, but not on the first player.


Coaches Registration


Manager Registration


SafeSport for coaches from NTSSA:

Safesport did change their website this last year. If someone did all the refreshers, (I believe there was 4), it will make you start over again as there are no refreshers after that. This is why it is highly recommend only doing what is necessary and not all the refreshers in the same year.

For any help or questions with SafeSport email through this web portal: 

Please help out your coaches and managers and let them know not to do all of them, just the one course or one refresher is needed in order to be in compliance for the current soccer year.

If you have any questions, please contact OSA at or

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Comanche Trails Field Map


Office Contact

  • Office Manager - Marcie Valdez
  • Office Hours
    • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    • 10AM - 3PM
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