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OSA Members,


For the upcoming Spring 2019 season, please be aware of the following for all games at the UTPB soccer complex:


  1. If you have the first game of the day on your field, the teams are responsible for putting up the nets and the corner flags.
  2. If you are the last game of the day on your field, the teams are responsible for taking down the nets and the corner flags and taking them to the storage building.
  3. Please pick up the trash on your field after your game has been played.
  4. NO PETS of any kind are allowed at the fields during OSA activities.
  5. All players much wear shin guards at all times for all games.
  6. All uniforms must have a number on the back of at least 6" in height.
  7. Toe cleats are not allowed in soccer game. Typically, baseball and football cleats have a toe cleat at the very end of the shoe near the toe which is not allowed in soccer due to safety concerns.  The toe cleat can be cut off or removed for soccer.
  8. The HOME team sits on the North or West side of the soccer field.
  9. The VISITING team sits on the South or East side of the soccer field.
  10. Respect the Referees. No yelling at the referees. No arguing with the referees. No disrespectful actions of any kind to any referees at any time.
  11. If you have any type of issue at any game or OSA activity, please find an OSA Board Member to address your concerns.

The Spring 2019 rec schedules can be found at the following link:

Please be aware of the following:


  1. To see just your schedule, click on your team name and only your schedule will be seen.
  2. For U9 and above age groups, if your game has an EXTRA TIME note on it, that game does not count to the standings for that age group.
  3. No team should play back-to-back games. There will be at least one time slot between games when you team plays 2 games in one day.
  4. Your team may play up to 2 games per day, but no team will play more than 2 games in one day.
  5. For U11/12 games, OSA will now allow the goalkeepers to punt the ball in all games played in Odessa.


If you find any issues with the schedule or you find any mistakes on the schedule, please let me know.  Also, you should not have a game on your NO PLAY DATE if your no play date was turned in on time.




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